Monday, November 17, 2008

Disassociate, Defeatist, Triac, and Chainsaw To The Face@ ABC NO RIO

A veteran DIY spot of the Lower East Side
It's been there as a community center since the 1980, and has been having shows since 1990.
Plain white walls are cool. The ceiling was coming down all over from the bass.
I thought it was kinda funny till it got on my camera and my fitted.
It's too bad it had to start at 3pm.
Probably a noise issue.
This was a damn good show overall.
Heavy, mathy, violent, loud.
Disassociate fucking made me bleed out of my eyeballs,
the one with the intimidating front man. (Actually a cool dude)
Defeatist was also amazing.
Triac was technically perfect and mathy as fuck, I don't know how people remember that shit and they had an evil, metal fucking sound.
But I like some semblance of a breakdown at times, and they were relentless.
Maybe I'm a pussy.
I'm not used to such open display of unregulated performance.
The cops don't like that in Boston.
I prefer when it's more like a party, and less like a straight up show.
However, the place is falling apart and the city is threatening to take it from them unless they raise enough money to completely demolish it and start anew following health and fire codes. so... just throwin that out there.
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