Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silent Barn: Screaming Females, Neptune, These Are Powers

I'm back, and in NY
Got a little belligerently drunk at this one,
a mistake I'll try not to make again, no promises.
sorry bassist from There Will Be Powers
Silent Barn is what it seems
a Brooklyn housed DIY space that could swallow practically anything achieved in Boston,
It's a different feeling than the Bean, more people less sense of community so far, and the line between DIY and standard venue seems to be blurred.
The Brooklyn hipster is a different breed and will take getting used to as the norm.
A sea of mustaches that know a lot and want you to know they know a lot.
However, the music is exceptional.
Screaming Females, Neptune, and These Are Powers kicked ass.
Missed Marnie Stern. Sorry Marnie.

all in all,
In Tod We Trust seems to be how it works around here.

p.s. this slideshow bullshit is not showing a lot of the pics
please check the rest and previous collections out HERE

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