Monday, November 17, 2008

Dead Herring House: Talibam and Microkingdoms

This was an interesting little gathering type of scene.
The artsy "housiness" of the space reminded me of Boston (Whitehaus, 3WaveJump3, etc.) so that was good.
The acts were weird, not what I was expecting,
kind of free-jazz noise, and then free-jazz polka noise.
The drummer from Talibam (guy with the funny glasses) couldn't stop talking about his penis into the mic.
Also, didn't get a shot but they were preceded by a Dada-ist phonetic poetry performance by this one guy (didn't catch his name)
didn't get it, but I won't rule it out.
These guys do it.
Didn't take enough pics, w/e I'll be back.
I'm exited to see more from this space, it's a good one.
bigger better here

Disassociate, Defeatist, Triac, and Chainsaw To The Face@ ABC NO RIO

A veteran DIY spot of the Lower East Side
It's been there as a community center since the 1980, and has been having shows since 1990.
Plain white walls are cool. The ceiling was coming down all over from the bass.
I thought it was kinda funny till it got on my camera and my fitted.
It's too bad it had to start at 3pm.
Probably a noise issue.
This was a damn good show overall.
Heavy, mathy, violent, loud.
Disassociate fucking made me bleed out of my eyeballs,
the one with the intimidating front man. (Actually a cool dude)
Defeatist was also amazing.
Triac was technically perfect and mathy as fuck, I don't know how people remember that shit and they had an evil, metal fucking sound.
But I like some semblance of a breakdown at times, and they were relentless.
Maybe I'm a pussy.
I'm not used to such open display of unregulated performance.
The cops don't like that in Boston.
I prefer when it's more like a party, and less like a straight up show.
However, the place is falling apart and the city is threatening to take it from them unless they raise enough money to completely demolish it and start anew following health and fire codes. so... just throwin that out there.
biggerbetter= HERE

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silent Barn: Screaming Females, Neptune, These Are Powers

I'm back, and in NY
Got a little belligerently drunk at this one,
a mistake I'll try not to make again, no promises.
sorry bassist from There Will Be Powers
Silent Barn is what it seems
a Brooklyn housed DIY space that could swallow practically anything achieved in Boston,
It's a different feeling than the Bean, more people less sense of community so far, and the line between DIY and standard venue seems to be blurred.
The Brooklyn hipster is a different breed and will take getting used to as the norm.
A sea of mustaches that know a lot and want you to know they know a lot.
However, the music is exceptional.
Screaming Females, Neptune, and These Are Powers kicked ass.
Missed Marnie Stern. Sorry Marnie.

all in all,
In Tod We Trust seems to be how it works around here.

p.s. this slideshow bullshit is not showing a lot of the pics
please check the rest and previous collections out HERE

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Greylock St., Allston

like a block party barbecue minus the meat and the Brazilians plus the noisehead hipsterfreaks
great environment for drinking, talking and getting down about sound as well as watching the acts beneath the bulkhead
Joey is the guy with the glasses (fuckin sweet grumbling bassweight mudgoblin music)
Russ is the guy with the dreads (one man ambient distorted-delay rock with cryptic and satisfyingly soulful lyrics)
lost my photographic ambition halfway through my sixpack
some mean girls

P.S. the nature of the ghetto-ass slideshow i use is such that not all of the pictures i put up are on my site, and none of them are completely visible. If you want to see more, high res, larger format pictures, please go HERE. If you don't believe me, you're CRAAAZY!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Franklin St., Allston (Argumentix, Bud Sprite, Xrin Arms, Extreme Animals)

old house ornamented with new art
sweaty, dirty music
a sea of retrograde electronic equipment
fog machine
little blue LEDs
I've never seen someone take a hand-puppet so seriously
friendly people for the most part
my flash pissed some of them off
sorry guys


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Noise Beat @ Glitch Loft, Charlestown

sandwiched between factories and sketchy Irish pubs
E-tards and MIT students
18 year olds to 50 year olds sharing common interests
noise, harsh electronics, D n' B
painted walls
met the guy who put these up in Boston.


MARS in Olneyville, Prov. (Blevin Blechdom among others) + Leah W @ ma bwoy Max's crib

MARS= empty warehouse
simultaneous shows
weirdo providence art-freaks
mind blowing music
my snot was black with dirt

Lea's @ Max's= young friends
in the backyard
lower Alston punks with tattoos glorifying alcohol consumption next to timid high school juniors
singer/songwriter acoustic punk-folk
red wine